What is #Barkhagate

For those of you who are late nighters like me and keen followers of tweets you would have already known what #Barkhagate is.

For the rest of the folks who woke up to the Friday fantasies, you would be shocked with under the belt ethics of our journalists in selectively giving us the news and being hand-in-glove with politicians, lobbyists, bureaucrats and more...

So what the heck is #Barkhagate?
Its a scam involving journalist @bdutt and a lobbyist for leading Telcos and Industrialists by name Radia, in connection to the support to UPA government in 2009 between Congress and DMK. The transcript of the whole conversation was put up on the website of the Open The Magazine....

..."As talks between the DMK and Congress (‘them’) broke down over joining the Government in May 2009, Radia was actively involved in opening channels between the two parties through, among others, television journalist Barkha Dutt"

Where was it put up?
It was first put up by the Open The Magazine on their website

When was it put up?
Late Thursday Night (19th - 20th November 2010)

Who put it up ?
Doesn't matter. Re-tweet and spread the word....but credit must also go to a certain @jhunjhunwala (fake ? :) for putting these links up on the Twitter and upping the ante. Lets trend and show media, Who the Big Boss is.

How did it become so famous?
Ya, it got viral on twitter! and as tweeted by someone:
"Angry tweets, outburst on journos, meteoric trending of #Barkhagate shows how much disgust people had against media. Root out the weeds, now"

Who are all involved?
Journalists, Politicians, Lobbyists, Industrialists, Ruling Party, Coalition partners, and etc..

What are the links?

Voice Transcripts / Audio Tapes:
Recorded Conversation [1]
Recorded Conversation [2]
Recorded Conversation [3]
Recorded Conversation [4]

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my tweet. Its here http://twitter.com/outscribe/status/5360173925269504

    - outscribe.

  2. so they were trying to resolve the issues between dmk and congress in cabinet formation. what's wrong in that? i really feel dumb but would appreciate a deeper insight

  3. Wonderful! I am glad to see a blog on Barkhagate. Did not sleep all night tweeting and sharing the biggest expose on the dirty linen in the Indian Media, specially Barkha Dutt. Lets spread the word and make sure any search on Barkha Dutt gets sites on Barkhagate on the top of the search results.

  4. glad to see electronic media being bashed up by the print media. Digital (people's medium) has the last laugh :-)

  5. Great Job by internet folks in putting this! These rogue journos must be exposed.

  6. http://www.ravithinks.com/2010/politics/the-buck-starts-here/ read this guys

  7. please post the outlook story and these CBI documents with details of wiretapping and financial transcations of 2g scam on facebook.



  8. I ve been following this news since Nov 18th
    Check my blog post on COMPLETE COVERAGE:

  9. Hi everyone, i'm not sure if christening the controversy surrounding the Nariaa Radia tapes as Barkhagate is a good idea. Yes, Dutt actions might be questionable, but to "gate" it is not a great idea.
    However, the media silence to this whole issue is simply unforgivable. When it pronounces others guilty on mere allegations, TV media not reporting about the tapes is shocking.
    Do check my blog entry on these issues- the "barkhagate" tag and media's non-response. "The 'gate' that is'nt"- http://indiathunderbolt.blogspot.com/2010/11/gate-that-isnt.html

  10. The news was first broken in May . Read below
    Saturday, May 22, 2010


    2G Spectrum Scandal : A.Raja - Nira Radia conspiracies :


  11. I don't know if you had noticed this. It was a real twist on the Barkha tale: http://wp.me/p9eNB-qX

    Vanity Fair on Mumbai Terror – There’s Twist « GREATER VOICE™

  12. Every day night at 10 the program is "The bak bak starts here"......